• A Dental Payment Plan with No Credit Checks and No Interest: Denticare

    A Dental Payment Plan with No Credit Checks and No Interest: Denticare

    Have you ever gone to your dentist with a sore tooth or other complaints, only to find that you simply cannot afford to have the right treatment for you? Maybe you were recommended a root canal treatment in order to save a damaged tooth, but instead chose to have the tooth removed due to the more expensive price of the root canal?

    We see this kind of thing all too often, and we don’t think it’s fair. At Karalee Family Dental, we want our patients to have the treatment they need – we don’t want them to settle for a less effective treatment, just because it’s what they can afford.

    So what can be done to solve this problem?

    Introducing Denticare

    Simply put, Denticare is a payment plan with no credit checks, no interest, and no complicated contracts. All you need to qualify is to be over 18, be an Australian citizen, and have a source of income / not bankrupt.

    What Is Involved?

    Patients signed onto Denticare will still have to pay for any consultations and X-Rays in full, but these will allow a personalised treatment plan to be devised, and it is this treatment plan that will be put onto Denticare.

    Who Can Take Part?

    Denticare is eligible to those who are:

    • over the age of eighteen,
    • Australian citizens,
    • with a source of income or proof that they are not bankrupt.

    What Are the Benefits?

    While plenty of other payment plans include hidden fees, interest charges, account keeping fees, and credit checks, Denticare has none of these. There are no credit checks, no interest charges, and no complicated contracts. It exists to make your life easier.

    How to Find Out More

    At Karalee, we’re interested in talking to you. By giving us a call on (07) 3281 4122 we can give you all of the information you need about Denticare, and you can let us know what we can do to help you.

    Our website and Facebook page are also available, if you would like to speak to us online.

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