Orthodontic treatment can improve functionality, align your bite and straighten your smile.

The word ‘orthodontic’ originated from the old English word ortho meaning ‘straight’ and the Greek words odousand odont meaning ‘tooth’. It’s important to remember however, that orthodontic treatment isn’t only about straightening teeth.

Here at Karalee Family Dental, we provide orthodontic services to assist with bite alignment, as a solution to further tooth deterioration, to resolve individual tooth issues, and to assist jaw correction. Basically our orthodontic treatments offer the ability to potentially restore proper oral functionality and appearance to the patient.

Choosing the best treatment for you

When the word “braces” comes to mind, patients traditionally imagine those chunky metal “brace-face” types of old. Today the technology available for orthodontic treatment is far less over-the-top. Karalee Family Dental offers traditional braces and modern clear braces so you can choose the best option to suit your unique lifestyle and budget.

Dental braces can be used to:

  • Adjust crooked teeth
  • Adjust misaligned upper and lower jaw
  • Adjust uneven bites, including overbites and under bites

Traditional braces

We offer durable yet subtly designed metal braces using only high grade dental materials. The metal brackets and wires are ideally positioned to optimise the movement and bite association between the arches. Sometimes the treatment may require elastics during one of the stages of correction depending on the treatment needs.

Modern clear braces

Modern clear braces are a less noticeable option and can be suitable for most orthodontic requirements, unlike some of the other modern orthodontic treatments available on the market. They display clear brackets but still require metal wires to assist in the movement of teeth.

How our orthodontic treatments stand out from the crowd

EODO Certified

Both Dr Lakh Sangha and Dr Quin Vu have completed post-graduate courses and are certified as graduates for 2 year Orthodontic mini-residency (EODO) for the general dental practitioner.

RME appliance

This appliance named the rapid maxillary appliance (RME) is designed to widen the upper jaw. Your dentist may prescribe it for you to speed up the alignment process. The motion is fast and effective, actively pushing the sides of the top back teeth to expand the jaw and assist the braces by making enough room for the teeth to move into shape faster. This treatment isn’t for everyone, but our team will be sure to properly advise you on the pros and cons of each individual aspect of the treatment in your initial consultation.

After your treatment

To assist in the retention of your treatment, you’ll be prescribed a retainer that could be permanent or removable. These are vital to the success of your orthodontist treatment and are generally worn without the notice of others.

How long does the treatment take?

Braces treatment can sometimes take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years but this time frame is determined by your oral condition and desired results.