Is your missing tooth holding you back from smiling? Dental Implants may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We don’t always appreciate the beauty and functionality of our natural teeth until we lose them. At Karalee Family Dental we focus on providing durable dental implants to replace any missing teeth and fill the gaps in your smile. Dental implants have given us the opportunity to return appearance and functionality to your grin, providing natural-looking and even lifetime-lasting replacements.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are titanium rods which are inserted into the jawbone to act as an artificial tooth root, where the original tooth once rested. A crown matched to the colour and contour of your surrounding teeth will then be placed to restore function and natural aesthetics to your smile! This technique of tooth replacement uses the MIS method with the highest quality titanium. By integrating the MIS system into our practice, we can achieve effective implantation results that exceed a 97% chance of success.

To find out more about MIS dental implant technology, click here.

Just a few of the main benefits of dental implants include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – they are the closest alternative to missing teeth.
  • Beneficial to chewing – you can eat and chew again without pain or irritation.
  • Eliminate distasteful adhesives.
  • Maintain bone structure – Implants can help maintain your bone structure and support your facial tissues.
  • Implants can also reduce or eliminate bone atrophy, which causes “shrinkage” and can lead to cosmetic facial changes.

Understanding your tooth replacement options

Single tooth replacement

Dental implants used for single tooth replacement display a crown and a tooth root alternative as described above. The crown is fabricated from porcelain designed to specifically match your natural teeth whereas the tooth root replacement is a small titanium rod that is specifically designed to bond naturally to you jawbone and provide a strong and long-lasting tooth replacement.

Multiple tooth replacement/implant bridges/implant-supported dentures

Depending on the amount of teeth needing replacement and area of mouth that requires dental implants, these methods vary considerably.  To find out more about our different dental implant methods and what replacement is best suited to your needs, contact us at Karalee Family Dental today.

Who is eligible for dental implants?

Although age is not an overwhelming factor in eligibility for dental implants, it is important to discuss with one of our dental professionals to find out if it is personally the best solution for you or your child. Generally our professionals will assess the following:

  • Jawbone density
  • Oral health and overall health
  • Health of the gums

Your treatment

Every dental implant case is approached as a unique and personal treatment plan for our patients. Our team will practice precision and care throughout your treatment and we want to ensure that when you choose to undergo dental implant treatments with Karalee Family Dental, we will work hard to provide you with the best service and attention, each and every visit.