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    Australia is losing its fondness for sugar

    Australia is losing its fondness for sugar

    Recent studies have found that Australians are dropping their sugar habit for the better

    According to surveys performed during the last two decades, Australian’s sugar consumption has dropped 4.29kg per capita in a span of 7 years, or 15kg per person over the last 60 years. This number is expected to decline even more in the coming years with on-going campaigns which link the intake of sugar to harmful diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Here at Karalee Family Dental in Ipswitch we are passionate about providing high quality preventative dentistry, which of course involves discouraging the intake of sugar in our patients. This is not to say you should never treat yourself but sugar can lead to harmful bacteria that can affect your mouth.

    Preventative dentistry can help you maintain optimum oral health

    Your teeth are one of the most resilient things in your body, but this doesn’t mean that you can neglect them. It is absolutely imperative to protect your teeth by taking proper precautions to ware away plaque and protect your teeth from harmful bacteria. The problem that sugar causes is that it sends the bacteria streptococcus mutans into a frenzy, causing them to wreak havoc throughout the mouth. This results in cavities which can be painful, however even more dangerous they can also go by unnoticed for extensive periods of time. This is why we recommend visiting us at Karalee Family Dental at least twice a year as the precise medical vision of our dentists will be able to identify cavities before they progress any further.

    How do I prevent cavities in my teeth?

    While you may know the basics of cavity prevention it may surprise you to find out another way you can prevent cavities. The basics of cavity prevention include:

    • Brushing your teeth twice a day (morning and night)
    • Flossing before bed
    • And visiting your dentist at Karalee Family Dental twice a year

    The strange tip that many of our patients do not know until they come to visit us is the harm having sugary foods in between your meals. This habit can increase your risk of cavities due to the way teeth renew their coating after you finish eating. When you eat, especially crunchy foods this can reduce the protecting coating on your teeth which forms due to saliva. Once you have finished eating, this coating begins to slowly build up again in order to protect your teeth, however if you interrupt this process by eating a chocolate bar or bad of lollies, the sugar and streptococcus mutans can get to the teeth easily and break through the enamel in the crevices.

    Your sugar intake could impact your dental requirements

    Fructose and sucrose (fruit sugars and cane sugar) are both common constituents in our diet. These can both impact the way our teeth function, the way our smiles look and the dental treatments that we require. There are a number of different scenarios which can arise because of cavities such as:

    Scenario 1) Extraction due to severe decay

    Treatment: We will replace your tooth using a dental implant or porcelain bridge

    Scenario 2) Filling due to a shallow-medium cavity

    Treatment: We will install a small tooth-coloured filling which will blend perfectly with your natural tooth

    Scenario 3) Root canal therapy due to damaged pulp and possible enamel erosion

    Treatment: We will perform a root canal and conceal the cleaned inner tooth with a porcelain crown

    To find out more about the preventative dentistry services available at Karalee Family Dental in Redbank plains enquire now.

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