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    Is a 6-month dental visit right for everyone?

    Is a 6-month dental visit right for everyone?

    You may have had your dentist recommend you visit them twice a year, but why? Does anyone know how they came up with these guidelines and if the 6-month dental visit is right for everyone?

    Many years ago, there weren’t any guidelines on how often you should visit the dentist at all. It was only when dental and health organisations saw how bad a state some of our teeth were in, that they decided to make a recommendation. Why twice a year? As they didn’t have a lot of evidence back them, we think it may have been a “best guess” type of scenario.

    So, is the 6-month dental visit still the “best guess” and is it right for everyone? With hectic lifestyles and phobias of the dentist chair, we don’t blame you for wanting to know, so we’ve created a blog to help.

    Does the 6-month dental visit work?

    On average, the 6-month dental visit works well for most people, providing they take care of their teeth between visits. Why? Because this seems to be enough time for patients to maintain clean, healthy teeth, but not so much time that any permanent damage can be formed.

    People who take really good care of their teeth at home with a strict brushing and flossing regime, could potentially get away with fewer visits, but it’s best to check with your dentist before cancelling your next appointment.

    Who should go to the dentist more frequently?

    Others however, may need to visit their dentist more frequently.

    Who? People with a high risk of dental disease. This high-risk group includes:

    • Smokers
    • Pregnant women
    • Diabetics
    • People with current gum disease
    • People with a weak immune response to bacterial infection
    • People who tend to get cavities or plaque build up

    Lifestyle choices or necessities could mean more dentist visits too. Here are some examples:

    • Your drink of choice

    Love red wine and coffee? Then you may need your teeth cleaned more regularly, as they are likely to be more stained than someone who drinks white wine and water instead.

    • Medication

    Did you know that some medications can contribute to your oral health? 

    Talk to your dentist about any herbal remedies or prescription medication you may be taking.

    • Diet

    Not only does what and how much you eat impact the amount of brushing and flossing you need to do, it can impact your overall oral health too.

    Too much sugar, soft drink, bread and citrus are bad for your teeth and make them more vulnerable to decay. Diets low in simple carbohydrates and enamel-busting sugar lead to less plaque. Studies have shown that in years gone by, many of us had less gum disease, fewer cavities, and a healthier balance of oral bacteria – all because we did not consume the amount of carbs and sugar that we do in these modern times.

    So, what’s the verdict? Is the 6-month dental visit right for everyone?

    Well, because every person, set of teeth, mouth health and lifestyle are unique, your dentist really needs to determine the most suitable time interval between your check-ups based on your individual needs.

    Want some advice on how often you should be attending the dentist? Book an appointment with one of our dentist professionals at Karalee Family Dental, your local dentist near Chuwar, to find out.

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