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    Antibiotics and Dentistry

    Antibiotics and Dentistry

    Antibiotics are commonly prescribed by dentists to treat various tooth and gum conditions with Amoxicillin being the most widely used. Conditions such as abscesses, sinusitis, Pericoronitis and Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitis are bacterial infections that may require antibiotic treatment. The side effects of antibiotics used in dentistry are generally mild but advice should be sought immediately in the case of a severe reaction. It’s vitally important to inform the dentist if you have any allergies to certain antibiotics or are currently taking any other medication to negate the risk of interaction between medicines.

    Take as Prescribed

    With infections that are antibiotic-resistant on the rise, dentists in Australia and around the world are now prescribing antibiotics only when necessary. Excessive use of antibiotics in combination with patients not taking them as prescribed diminishes their effectiveness and limits the options that dentists have at their disposal to treat infections. Antibiotics are an invaluable weapon in battling infection and both dentists and patients have a part to play in ensuring they can be confidently prescribed in the future.

    If you are suffering from a dental problem that is causing pain and discomfort, make an appointment with our top-rated East Ipswich dentist as soon as possible. Be sure to let our team know if you are allergic to any antibiotics or other medication prior to seeing the dentist.

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