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    What Causes Excessive Drooling?

    What Causes Excessive Drooling?

    Your saliva plays an important role in your oral health. It helps wash food particles away from your teeth, breaks down food for healthy digestion, and assists in remineralisation of the enamel on your teeth. People who don’t produce enough or good quality saliva may suffer from dry mouth, and are at higher risk of tooth decay. That said, there is a middle ground where you have enough saliva to enjoy the health benefits, but you don’t have so much that it causes other problems.

    Why Do People Have Excessive Drooling?

    Excessive drooling is also called hypersalivation, and it is usually the result of another health issue. Many different issues lead to it, including oral infections, oral inflammation, and more. It can accompany gastroesophageal reflux, or it can be caused by some medications. Sometimes it is a result of neuromuscular diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or paralysis.

    If you find that you are suffering from excessive drooling, it is very important to consult your doctor, as it is often caused by a more serious issue. Look for other symptoms, such as difficulty speaking, bad breath, or chapped lips. 

    Allergies and Infections

    If you have allergies or an infection, you may have excessive drooling because the extra saliva is produced to flush out any toxins. This includes seasonal allergies, sinus issues or respiratory infections, tonsillitis, strep throat, and more. 

    Sleep Apnoea

    When people have sleep apnoea, they have a narrow or blocked airway while they are sleeping. Excessive drooling can be a side effect of this. Your doctor can help you with this problem by ordering a sleep study, and there are ways to manage it. 


    Sometimes prescribed medications can cause excessive drooling. This is most likely with psychiatric medications such as clozapine, medications for Alzheimer’s disease, or medications for myasthenia gravis. 

    Stroke or Other Neurological Disorders

    If you have had a stroke or have another neurological disorder, you can suffer from dysphagia. When you experience this, it can be painful or difficult to swallow. As a result, you may drool since you aren’t able to swallow. 

    How to Reduce Excessive Drooling

    If you are suffering from excessive drooling, consider a visit with a dentist in Brassall. These dentists can help you find out if there is an oral health issue causing it.

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