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    Your Diet – How it affects your Oral Health

    Your Diet – How it affects your Oral Health

    The link between a person’s diet and their oral health has been documented many times with the main factor being sugar consumption. Although a balanced diet will include a certain amount of sugar, modern processed foods and soft drinks contain much more than the daily recommended amount. This ultimately impacts oral health as well as factors in other potentially serious conditions such as diabetes. Home-cooked meals typically contain less sugar and are healthier as you know exactly how much sugar was used if any.

     What can I do to reduce my sugar intake?

    If you are concerned about the effect that your diet is having on your oral health, you will need to check the amount of sugar contained in the foods you regularly consume. In packaged foodstuffs this can be found on the nutrition label on the packaging. A common-sense approach would be to keep sweet snacks and sugary rich drinks to a minimum and substitute them with healthy sugar-free options and water. If you do indulge, it’s a good idea to drink water immediately after consumption and ensure that you brush and floss your teeth before going to bed. Even supposedly healthy drinks may contain large amounts of added sugar, so again read the nutrition information if you want to minimise the chances of avoidable dental issues.

    Whether you are having problems with your teeth or simply want a routine check-up, contact our Brassall Dentist to make an appointment. Our dentists will also be happy to provide you with advice on food and drinks to avoid if you want to maintain or improve your oral health.

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