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    Which Foods Are Best For Your Teeth?

    Which Foods Are Best For Your Teeth?

    When it comes to dental health, there is a lot of discussion over what to avoid. Foods that are high in sugar, staining agents, acids, and other no-no’s abound… but what foods actually provide dental benefits?

    By focusing on avoiding the damage, are we missing out on positive effects our diet could be having on our dental health and hygiene? There are some foods that contribute to oral health. Adding them to your diet may make your trips to the dentist more pleasant.

    Cultured Dairy

    It is a widely-known fact that dairy is high in proteins and calcium, two nutrients that help build and maintain strong teeth. Two dairy products in particular are beneficial for your mouth. Cheese provides a boost in PH levels that helps to suppress tooth decay. In addition, the saliva produced while chewing cheese is also helpful. Yogurt is another cultured dairy product with dental benefits. Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, help to maintain a healthy balance, preventing things like gum disease. Choose varieties without added sugar to get the most benefit.

    Hit the Salad Bar

    Leafy greens form the basis of many healthy diet plans. In addition to being high in calcium, leafy greens also exhibit high levels of folic acid, a B vitamin used in the treatment of gum disease. Carrots, and other high fiber vegetables such as celery provide cleaning action, and increased saliva production during chewing. They are also high in vitamins A and C, two nutrients very beneficial in dental hygiene.

    Almonds and Tree Nuts

    High in calcium and protein, while low in sugar, almonds are an excellent choice for improving your dental health. Add almonds to your diet, in combination with leafy greens, or dairy for a delicious snack. Add slivered almonds to salads and cooked dishes for texture to boost the benefits even more.

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