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    How to know if you need braces

    How to know if you need braces

    If you have been feeling as if your teeth are just not quite straight or your bite is a little off, it may be time to consider orthodontic treatment.

    The goal of braces and orthodontic treatment is to help you smile and correct any bite problems. Basically orthodontic treatment for you at Karalee Family Dental aims at creating straight teeth that mesh well with your neighbouring teeth, as well as ensuring you have a good healthy bite that assists the way you to chew and speak.

    There are a handful of different factors that could suggest you need braces. The following article will discuss how you can find out if you need orthodontic help and it also touches on how Karalee Family Dental can help you to correct your alignment or bite problems if you have them.

    It could be time to get braces:

    • If your teeth seem crowded or crooked

    Crowded or crooked teeth are called malocclusions. Teeth that are crowded or too close together are often difficult to clean. The buildup of plaque on teeth from crowding can cause abnormal enamel wear, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Braces can be used to resolve these issues and can also fix aesthetic concerns.

    • If your bite is harming the inside of your cheeks and mouth

    Do you feel like you bite off a little more cheek than you could chew sometimes when you eat? This could be the indication of your teeth being out of line, or an overbite (where the top jaw of teeth overlaps the bottom teeth) or underbite (where the lower jaw of teeth sits out further than the upper).

    • If your baby teeth fell out before your adult teeth were ready to come through

    Your baby teeth act as a guide for your permanent teeth and if they fall out too early they can cause the permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong position or cause the other teeth to drift into the space where the tooth should erupt.

    • If your jaw makes sounds when you open your mouth or shifts awkwardly

    Same goes for recessed or protruding jaws, ensure you book a consultation with Karalee Family Dental because this could have been an underlying developmental issue with your teeth and jaw lines and needs to be assessed by a dentist.

    • You breathe through your mouth on a regular basis or have difficulty chewing

    Mouth breathing can be due to a handful of different factors that could potentially be solved with orthodontic help and is best treated by one of our trained professionals.

    How Karalee Family Dental is invested in your smile

    Here at Karalee family dental, we are dedicated to providing our patients with effective orthodontic treatments.

    Traditional braces

    With gracefully designed metal brackets and wires, traditional braces are far from the old style chunky braces we used to associate with orthodontic treatment. Depending on your treatment needs, our Karalee Family Dental professionals are committed to helping you achieve the perfect smile.

    Modern clear braces

    As a less noticeable option, modern clear braces have a display of clear brackets that blend in better with the teeth and slight metal wires to assist the alignment. They are suitable for most corrections but during your initial consultation, our professionals will give you all the information you need on different treatment options after your oral assessment.

    To assist in the process if needed

    Karalee Family Dental not only uses the above techniques to assist your teeth in the straightening process, but they also use the rapid maxillary appliance (RME) where necessary. This device is great for speeding up the alignment process by actively pushing the jaw to make room for the teeth to comfortably and naturally shift into an aligned position.

    We’re happy to help!

    Depending on your treatment needs, Karalee Family Dental will work with you to ensure the most effective treatment plan is designed to suit your individual needs.

    To find out more about Dr Lakh and Dr Quinn’s orthodontic treatments and how we can help you achieve a flawless set of pearly-whites, contact us today at Karalee Family Dental.

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