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    How to Keep Your Breath Fresh in the New Year

    How to Keep Your Breath Fresh in the New Year

    Bad breath (halitosis) can dampen the mood in any situation. On the dance floor, at a job interview, on a romantic dinner for two, you want fresh breath. Bad breath is often caused by bacteria breaking down food particles, tooth decay, gum disease, certain medications, stomach or throat problems.

    Today at Karalee Family Dental, your trusted Dentists in Brassall, we’ll be providing tips and tricks on how to maintain fresh breath in any situation.

    A merry indulgence

    Holiday foods and festivities generally call for some indulgence, in the delightful form of desserts, snacks and alcohol. While it’s always nice to have a well-deserved treat, these treats are often high in sugar and acidity, so you shouldn’t slack on your dental hygiene routine. 

    Rinsing your mouth after a meal will dislodge most (if not all) of the left-over food and drink particles from your decadent affair.

    Freshen up with sugar-free mints or gum and maintain your good oral hygiene.

    Travel near and far

    If you’re travelling this summer, pack a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in your carry-on. There’s no excuse not to keep up with your dental hygiene routine. Regular (2 times a day) brushing and flossing will keep tooth decay and the nasty gum disease at bay. Travelling across different timezones can make it difficult to remember when you last brushed your teeth, so set an alarm every 10 hours if you have to!

    Bad breath on a cramped plane isn’t nice. So, while we can’t stop the passenger sleeping on your shoulder from having it, we can stop you from being the bad breath fiend yourself.

     Combating bad breath

    Here’s a simple 6 step run-down on how to fight bad breath:

    1.   Brush your teeth regularly (twice a day),
    2.   Floss between meals and scrape your tongue if necessary,
    3.   Use mouthwash, and sugar-free gum,
    4.   Rinse your mouth with water between meals,
    5.   Avoid: onion and garlic, and
    6.   Accommodate: citrus rind, fresh herbs and cloves. – remove these


    A fresh new year’s resolution

    There are two new year’s dental hygiene resolutions you should make this year:

    1. Kick the smoking habit

    Besides its links to cancer, smoking can damage your gums, stain your teeth and give you some seriously bad breath.

    1. Go to the dentist for your twice-yearly check-up

    Your Brassall Dentist is the true determiner of your dental hygiene. Regular dental check-ups can identify early warning signs of tooth decay and other dental issues. You’ll feel more confident in your smile and oral health, too.

    Step into this year with optimism, resolutions and good dental hygiene habits. Fresh breath isn’t just a confidence-booster, but also a sign that things are well and working inside your mouth. 

    Bad breath can be a sign of something more sinister. Utilise these breath-freshening tips and tricks in any situation, but if the bad breath isn’t going away, it’s time to see your local dentist!

    Want to know what’s causing your bad breath? Contact Karalee Family Dental today to start your 2020 with the confidence of fresh breath.

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