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    Maintaining Oral Health during Pregnancy

    Maintaining Oral Health during Pregnancy

    Although visiting your dentist may not be your top priority at this exciting time, maintaining oral health during pregnancy is just as, if not more important than ever. Conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay can cause infections and can pose of risk to both you and your unborn child. Regular procedures such as dental x-rays are completely safe, just make sure you let your dentist know you are pregnant. The same applies to the anaesthetics administered prior to treatment, as long as you make the dentist aware of your condition, they will be able to inform you of the available safe options. Cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening are not recommended at any stage of pregnancy.

    When should I visit the dentist?

    The answer is you can visit the dentist at any time during your pregnancy term. However, the second trimester is probably the best time to make an appointment as the morning sickness phase has generally subsided. By the third semester, laying back in the dentist’s chair may be uncomfortable due to the baby’s increased size. If you need an emergency appointment, you will of course need to visit your dentist regardless of what stage of pregnancy you are at.

    If you would like to make an appointment with a Karana Downs dentist, please contact us at your convenience. We can also address any concerns or answer any questions you may have regarding dental visits and treatment during your pregnancy.

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