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    Do I Need to get my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    Do I Need to get my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    While common wisdom dictates that Wisdom teeth should be removed, there is no absolute necessity to remove healthy wisdom teeth. Unless the patient is in pain, there are several considerations most dentists will make before deciding to remove them. The three most common are, space, hygiene and comfort.

    You must see a dentist in order to determine whether or not to remove yours, but it helps to know some of the considerations going in – for your own peace of mind, and to make sure your dentist is taking everything into account.

    Avoiding Overcrowding

    Since wisdom teeth are the last to come in, space is often an issue in all but the largest of jawlines. To some, this may not seem like such a big thing, after all, teeth simply shift over to make room, right? Not exactly. Not only can crowded wisdom teeth become compacted, a painful condition, they can also exert enough pressure to break neighboring molars and cause teeth to become uneven.

    Crowding can be an issue on one, or both jaws and in cases where this is suspected, removal is always recommended to prevent damage to other teeth and to avoid painful compaction, which can lead to infection and abscess.

    Consider Oral Hygiene

    In some cases, even where space is not an issue, hygiene can be. Reaching the back teeth is a challenge, and if brushing and flossing tools cannot easily reach the area, food particles and residue can stay. This leads to bad breath and possible tooth decay, among other unsavory conditions.

    Crowding also presents hygiene challenges, as misaligned teeth are often difficult to floss between, or brush effectively. Removing wisdom leaves enough room for the remaining teeth to stay evenly spaced, creating better conditions for optimum oral hygiene.

    Oral Comfort

    Ultimately, dental health is about three primary factors; overall health of the body, comfort and aesthetics. For most of us, the first thing we notice is discomfort. With wisdom teeth, by the time serious discomfort is noticed, there may already be other damage.

    Most dentists prefer to plan for wisdom tooth removal, before discomfort becomes an issue, but with molars that are already in place, it can become the major deciding factor. If you suspect you have discomfort due to wisdom teeth, you should consult with your dentist right away.
    If you’re experiencing discomfort, curious about your teeth, or have just been reminded that you need a dental checkup, contact us at Karalee Family Dental.

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