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    Teeth whitening: the greatest alternative to cosmetic surgery

    Teeth whitening: the greatest alternative to cosmetic surgery

    Looking for a cosmetic procedure without having to go under the knife? Teeth whitening could be the perfect option for you.

    Teeth whitening can be completed quickly and non-invasively, and compared to alternative cosmetic procedures, it is relatively inexpensive.

    Why teeth whitening?

    We have all heard of teeth whitening, but why is it so popular? Thousands upon thousands have followed the example of Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise, opting for cosmetic dentistry as a quick and long-lasting improvement.

    A previous study conducted showed that 89% of adults agreed that a white or bright smile can help to make a good first impression, so why not use the available treatments to your advantage?

    Choosing the right treatment

    If you feel like boosting the glow of your smile, our team at Karalee Family Dental can provide you with one of the following options:

    • Pola in-office treatment
    • Take-home teeth whitening treatment

    Not every treatment is suitable for every patient, this is why it is important to seek a dental professional’s opinion rather than simply going with an over the counter alternative.

    Pola in-office treatment

    An in-office treatment is generally favoured by patients who:

    • Want to see fast results
    • Have sensitive teeth

    Because the gums and other tissues are protected, the treatment is able to offer patients who have sensitive teeth less chance of feeling uncomfortable during their treatment. The results are noticeable relatively quickly after treatment as well compared to the take-home kit.

    Take-home whitening treatment

    Take-home whitening treatment is generally favoured by patients who:

    • Enjoy watching the shades go whiter with time
    • Want results that last a little longer than in-office alone

    Although the results are believed to last longer than in-office whitening, here at Karalee Family Dental we provide our patients with take-home treatment kits to help them continue their whitening treatment from home after an-office session.

    Depending on your desired results, well will inform you on exactly how and when to use your teeth whitening treatment to ensure you can achieve the best results possible.

    Will a whitening treatment definitely be able to whiten my teeth?

    This is really dependant on the type of staining and discolouration on your teeth. Sometimes the teeth are not just suffering from surface stains. When the teeth are discoloured from the inside for example, further dental work may be required before the tooth is whitened.

    Some of the different causes behind tooth discolouration are:

    • Tartar build-up

    This is a result of plaque being left on the teeth and generally it becomes stained from staining foods and beverages. In most cases, a scale and clean can greatly help to remove this kind of discolouration which can be conducted during a regular check-up. Whitening products will also help lift these stains.

    • Tooth decay

    If you take a good close look at your teeth, you may be able to notice some little spots wedged in between the cracks and crevices in your smile. If you are noticing your floss getting caught and breaking between teeth, it is definitely worth booking an appointment because you may have a cavity that needs repairing.

    In these instances the whitening treatment can help mask the problem, but a more permanent solution would be to fill the cavity and remove the decay first before whitening.

    • Trauma to the tooth

    This is most commonly a discolouration problem that develops a while after the accident because the nerve inside the tooth has died or is infected. Before undergoing whitening treatment your tooth will have to be treated and the nerve pulp will need to be removed. After that a whitening treatment can help boost the colour.

    Alternatively patients could consider a veneer treatment to the tooth although removing the pulp may be the most appropriate treatment.

    • Old restorations or treatment discolouration

    For patients who have had amalgam (silver) fillings, the teeth can become decayed or discoloured over time as the restoration gets closer to its expiry date. The best way to keep an eye on this is to ensure you are attending regular check-ups every six months so we can track the progress of your restorations.

    Make sure you are receiving the most appropriate treatment for you

    By opting for a whitening treatment here at Karalee Family Dental (servicing patients from Redbank, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Redbank Plains, Camira and Goodna along with any other suburbs around and in-between), we can provide you with the right treatment to suit your cosmetic desires.

    For more information, contact us today on (07) 3281 4122 or alternatively follow the prompts here.

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