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    Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost – Ipswich

    Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost – Ipswich

    Wisdom tooth extraction – We take a look at the symptoms, procedure and costs related to removing your wisdom teeth

    Removing those troublesome wisdom teeth is a relatively commonplace procedure that can be as simple as a conventional tooth extraction or as complex as a surgical extraction requiring the removal of bone and sectioning of the tooth’s crown and root to allow for its complete removal.

    How much does wisdom teeth extraction cost?

    Each smile is different and each case can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your situation. Generally prices will range up to $1600 depending on the procedure.

    Complexity of the procedure can rely on a number of factors:

    • The depth of which your wisdom teeth are submerged – teeth can be fully erupted partially enveloped by the gum tissue or completely submerged by the bone.
    • Whether or not your teeth are impacted – Teeth can be positioned at a range of angles within the jaw bone, some are fully vertical while others can be fully horizontal impacting the tooth and gum beside them, this is known as impaction.
    • Maturity of the tooth – Older patients has more mature wisdom teeth which have formed roots.

    Wisdom teeth are often impacted by the amount of room within the jaw, limited space means they are unable to fully come through creating difficulty with the brushing and flossing of these teeth. In turn food fragments and bacteria can become lodged between the wisdom and neighboring teeth causing tooth decay and gum infection.

    Crowding of the wisdom teeth in the upper jaw tends to force them to lean sideways impacting other teeth and rubbing on the gums and cheek. Ulcers are often the result of this rubbing and can become quite painful and irritating, leading to issues with chewing. Neighboring teeth which are impacted can be pushed closer together causing further crowding and also affecting issues related to a patients bite.

    Wisdom teeth symptoms

    Impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth can be the root of a number of issues. Wisdom teeth do not always cause symptoms; however when an impacted tooth becomes infected, begins to damage other teeth around it or becomes the cause of other dental issues extraction may be necessary. Symptoms can include,

    • Swollen, tender or bleeding gums
    • Jaw pain
    • Swelling around the jaw
    • Difficulty with opening your mouth
    • Bad breath
    • Damage to nearby teeth
    • Crowding of adjacent teeth
    • Tooth decay or infection
    • Abscesses

    Removal of wisdom teeth

    Generally when a patient comes in complaining of symptoms related to their wisdom teeth our first point of call will be to fully examine and X –ray the mouth to determine if it is in fact the wisdom teeth which are causing the problem. Wisdom teeth do not always cause issues and in some cases are not required to be removed; this should be decided by one of our trained dentists. If the tooth does not require extraction a small incision may be made into gum reliving pressure and allowing the tooth to come through.

    If our dentists decide that further action needs to be taken and the problem tooth or teeth be removed it is normal for your jaw and gums to feel discomfort following the procedure, as the hole where the tooth is removed is stitched and often requires some time to fully heal.

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